What I'm up to

So last year I moved over to San Francisco and was lucky enough to spend most of 2016 working there as a UX Engineer for a cool startup. However I’m now back in Australia and looking to move onto my next great adventure.

A quick intro - tl;dr

I'm an Aussie guy who loves what he does - which is pretty much whatever I want. Thankfully what I want to do is design and build cool, usable interfaces. To me, there's not much more satisfying then solving a problem that you've spent, days, weeks, months on and putting it together with a beautiful user interface and unobtrusive user experience.

But it's not all square eyes and rsi, when I'm not using my time trying to get to New York or working on web UI projects, you can find me playing golf or in the gym, drinking coffee, eating food, cooking food, waterskiing, wakeboarding, watching movies and soaking up the sun.

For the longer version check out my about me page →